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CLC Glass Mini Tube #4 (Green & Blue)

$600.00 USD

This CLC glass mini tube is super fresh and so popping in orange.

CLC Glass

Mini Tube #4

This CLC Glass mini tube really is gorgeous. I love the way that the rich transparent green works with that beautiful blue. The curved neck is very ergonomic, and there is a large opal encasement on the backside to balance things out. It has a curved removable downstem with a two-hole diffy, with a 10mm joint at a 45° angle.

  • Full color.
  • Large opal encasement on the back.
  • Less than 7" in height.
  • Removeable curved two-hole diffy downstem.
  • 10mm joint at 45° angle.
  • Includes matching 10mm slide.