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Toro Macro XXL Froth (Pastel Green / Blue)

$500.00 USD

Toro Macro XXL Froth

Toro makes some of the most premium scientific glass in existence. With a great number of absolutely fantastic designs for diffusion, immaculate construction, and just the right amount of color, we are positive that you will absolutely love the function of a Toro water pipe. Cloud 9 is one of only a handful of authorized retailers for Toro Glass, so you can buy with confidence!

This single-chamber Froth diffuser Macro XXL is an awesome single-chamber rig for concentrates, with a very unusual full-color Froth diffuser. This diffuser will break smoke down into a great number of bubbles, spread over a wide area at the very base of the diffuser. This means that water level can be varied a great deal with this pipe, so you can dial in exactly the right amount of chug and resistance that you desire.

  • Froth diffuser.
  • 14mm female joint.
  • Bent neck for ergonomic use.
  • Super thick and sturdy base.
  • Green and blue foot wrap and lip wrap.
  • Green and blue encalmo froth.