El Hefe 2015 Fumed Banger Hanger


El Hefe has been a master of creating art-level pipes for over a decade. His fume work is simply phenomenal, and this banger hanger is an exquisite example of just how skilled this man is. This beauty is composed almost entirely of fumed linework (with a small amount of a gorgeous striking purple color to tie it together). There is an incredible fumed wig-wag on each side of the can, and the hand-formed joint is nothing but astounding gold and silver fume. Truly, the range of color that Hefe can achieve with gold and silver fume is simply amazing. This piece is complete with one of El Hefe's signature encasements on the back, that clearly reads "EL HEFE 2015." This is a gem, straight up.

  • El Hefe 2015.
  • Absolutely astounding gold and silver fume work.
  • Hand-formed 14mm joint made entirely from fumed linework.
  • Two fumed wig-wags worked into the can.
  • Signature encasement on the back that reads "EL HEFE 2015."