Etai Rahmil Shredder #4 (Blue)


Etai Rahmil makes some of the most amazing abstract sculptural pipes out there. The Shredder series is his latest, and is the perfect blend of abstraction and sculpture. This pipes are not just artwork, they are highly functional as well. Each Shredder is unique in color combination, form, and expression.

This extra special, extra rare Shredder is a sparkly metallic, transparent blue with jet-black horns and mouthpiece. The top horn is removable. It’s actually a cap for the downstem (for decorative use) and when removed, the 90 degree 10mm female joint is exposed. Immaculately constructed, this piece truly is flawless in person. More than a pipe, this is an art piece, a statement, and it’s available now!

  • 6.5" inches tall.
  • 10mm female joint at 90°.
  • Sparkly metallic blue and jet black.
  • From Glass Vegas 2018.