Geoff x MusicMan Charizard Collaboration


Smoke ‘em all with this fire-type Charizard rig from Geoff Glass and MusicMan Glass! Fully worked and sculpted from top to bottom, this gorgeous Pokerig has been expertly shaped into very accurate proportions. The worked fire 14mm joint is located at the tail, and it even has a decorative stopper so that the pipe better resembles Charizard when displayed. His nose functions as the mouthpiece. The coloration on the beast's stomach is CFL-reactive. This is a gorgeous representation of Charizard in real life... AND it's a water pipe? Throw a Master Ball at this rig today!

  • Just under 7" in height.
  • 7" across from wing to wing.
  • 14mm joint.
  • Decorative fire stopper for the joint.
  • Ships for FREE in a hard case.
  • Includes Cloud 9 swag pack.