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Grimm Mini Tube #1 (Parallax)

$749.99 USD

Grimm creates some amazing work! This mini tube in Parallax and an opaque CFL color is astounding! The entire pipe is CFL-reactive, and has a wild shift. The neck has a huge murrina coin encased into it, featuring a Cheshire Cat and tons of mushrooms. There are two murrina encasements attached to the sides of the tube: one of a butterfly, and another of more mushrooms. All of these images are Grimm's own work. The tube stands at 5.5" tall and has a removable 10mm downstem.

  • Completely CFL-reactive.
  • 3 murrina encasements.
  • Removable 10mm downstem.
  • 5.5" height.
  • Ships for FREE in a hard case.
  • Includes Cloud 9 swag pack!