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Rasta Nectar Collector - Jon E. Walker

$100.00 USD

Jon E. Walker nectar collector in Rasta linework, accented with two UV-reactive Illuminati horns. Perfect for any Rasta man or lady.

Jon E. Walker

Rasta Nectar Collector

Jon E. Walker created this amazing Rasta nectar collector. The Rasta linework that forms the body is extremely well done, and will please any dreadlock Rasta fan. Plus, the two horns are Illuminati, and are extremely UV-reactive. The donut in the body of the nectar collector is a perfect spot to grip during use. This straw comes complete with a titanium tip.

  • Gorgeous Rasta linework body.
  • Two Illuminati horns, extremely UV-reactive.
  • Donut in center forms a grip.
  • Includes titanium tip.
  • 5" in length (without titanium tip).