Siren Apparatus Window Recycler


An incredibly technical recycler with a giant faberge hole through the middle of it.

Sire Apparatus

Window Recycler

If you want the ultimate in function, then this Siren Apparatus Window Recycler will fit the bill where none other will. Siren is a true master of the hollow construction, and this piece is testament to that. This design is amazing, and trying to imagine constructing this incredibly technical piece is mind-boggling.

This recycler is defined by the massive faberge hole in the center. This hole forms the inside walls of the internal recycler, which exits through the external klein drain that actually passes through this gigantic hole. To make things even more amazing, Siren passed the downstem through that hole as well and this downstem is actually welded to that drain. Incredible... The diffuser is equally amazing: a giant circulator with just a few gridded slits on the side opposite the drain (for perfect recycling action), and this circulator is sealed to the bottom of the shell of that faberge hole, making it one seamless piece.

This Siren custom is all clear to show off that incredibly unique function. The joint is a 14mm female at a 90° angle.

  • Incredibly technical design that no one besides Siren could execute.
  • Massive faberge hole through the center of the rig.
  • Giant circulator diffuser with four gridded slits.
  • 14mm female joint at 90° angle.
  • Internal recycler.
  • Klein drain.

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