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Toro Shrub 7 to 13 (Purple & Pink)

$750.00 USD

Toro Shrub 7-13

Toro makes some of the most premium scientific glass in existence. With a great number of absolutely fantastic designs for diffusion, immaculate construction, and just the right amount of color, we are positive that you will absolutely love the function of a Toro water pipe. Cloud 9 is one of only a handful of authorized retailers for Toro Glass, so you can buy with confidence!

The Toro 7-13 is one of the greatest full-size flower tubes ever manufactured, and this is a medium-sized version of that. With a perfect balance between the two chambers, tons of substance and flavor, and instantaneous clearing, this is a pipe that will stay in your rotation for years to come.

  • Shrub - about 14" in height.
  • 14mm female joint.
  • Includes 14mm Toro ice pinch slide.
  • 7-arm diffuser in the first chamber.
  • 13-arm percolator in the second chamber.
  • Purple lip and foot wraps. 
  • Pink dome caps.
  • Super thick and sturdy base.
  • Toro script label.