Quick Light Coals

Get your hookah up and running in minutes with Quick Light Hookah Coals. Cloud 9 Smoke Co. offers a selection of Quick Light Coals in a variety of sizes to fit any size hookah bowl.   Quick Light Hookah Coals are typically round coals with a a chemical accelerant coating on them which allows the coals to be easily lit using a standard  lighter, and these types of coal are a particularly great option for novice hookah smokers as they are easy to use and require very little management throughout the smoking session. These are great coals for those who are unable to use a burner or coal heater. Shop Quick Light Coals Below!    


Quick Light Hookah Charcoal

Get a hookah sesh going in minutes with Quick Light Hookah Charcoal! Cloud 9 Smoke Co offers a premium selection of quick light hookah charcoal in a variety of size to complement any kind of hookah bowl. Typically, quick light charcoals take on a round shape with a chemical accelerant coating on them which allows for this type of charcoal to be easily lit using a standard lighter. Quick light charcoal is a great choice for beginner or novice hookah smokers as they are exceptionally easy to use and require little management throughout a smoke session. Shop the best Quick Light Hookah Charcoal below! 

What is Quick Light Charcoal?

Quick light charcoals are infused with a chemical accelerant that allows you to light them with a standard lighter. This type of charcoal will sparkle and begin to burn quickly and can be ready to smoke in less than one minute. Quick light charcoal is generally sold in 33mm (small) and 40mm (large) sizes that provides some heat customization and longevity. This type of charcoal is quick and convenient, but do have some limitations in terms of burn time and vary degrees of flavor interference. However, if you’re looking for an easy, breezy hookah sesh, this type of charcoal is key to start the process.

Why Should I Use Quick Light Charcoal?

If you’re tired of waiting for a hookah session to begin, quick light charcoal is your saving grace. Quick light charcoal is all about letting you spend more time doing what you love by spending less time waiting for the fun to begin! 
Here are a few reasons why you should use quick light charcoals over standard coals:
Quick light charcoal is convenient. This type of charcoal can be heated with a standard lighter, or a torch lighter if you want to apply heat more effectively. Whatever your method of heating is, quick light charcoal will get the job done in no time.
Quick light charcoal is cost-efficient. From quick light charcoal, you can receive a sesh that’s around 60 to 90 minutes long with only a few charcoal pieces. Quick light charcoal allows you to maximize your hookah sesh time and can save you money in the long run.

What is Quick Light Charcoal Made From?

Quick light charcoal briquettes, circles, or rings are made from compressed charcoal dust and are coated with a flammable chemical or accelerant. Usually, quick light charcoal is coated with sulfur or benzene to allow the coals to light faster than standard coals.

How Do You Light Quick Light Charcoal?

Quick light charcoal is easier and more convenient to light and only requires a standard lighter to get the job done! Many hookah enthusiasts choose to light quick light charcoal with a handheld lighter or torch. 
To light quick light charcoal, you’ll want to hold the charcoal with metal tongs and light the charcoal over an open flame until the coal is fully lit and all accelerants have burned off.

The Best Quick Light Charcoal to Buy Online

Choosing the best quick light charcoal may seem overwhelming with all of the choices offered to you! To help you decide which charcoal you’d like to use for your hookah sessions, Cloud 9 Smoke Co has curated a list of the best quick light charcoal for you to buy online!
Three Kings Quick Light Charcoal - 33mm Roll ($2.99) - Three Kings Charcoal are quick lighting charcoal briquettes. Each briquette ignites easily and quickly by holding a simple, hand-held lighter to the coal. Due to the strict selection method and high quality demands of the raw material, as well as the 50-year old, perfected production techniques these briquettes hold no flavor of their own, and have a smooth, long and even burn.
Three Kings Quick Light Charcoal - 40mm Roll ($3.99) -Three Kings Charcoal is internationally recognized as the best quick lighting charcoal available on the market. Each 40mm briquette lights up super easily and quickly. All you have to do is hold a simple, small flame lighter to the briquette and it will light in seconds. The briquettes are flavorless and provide a smooth, long, and even burn.
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