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Cloud 9 Smoke Co. is the best one-stop-shop for online deals on vape replacement coils and atomizer heads. Keep your vape tank fresh and your vape juice bursting with flavor with regular replacement coils or atomizers. We have the best selection of proprietary coils and atomizers from name brands like SMOK, Sigelei, Vaporesso, YoCAN,  Suorin, GeekVape, Horizon Tech, UWell, Lost Vape, and more. We carry various options from temperature control coils to Sub-Ohm to Clapton coils to mesh coils -- ranging resistances. Need help in finding the best vape replacement coil or atomizer? We have in-house vape experts that can offer you instant assistance on our LiveChat. 


  • smok nord mesh replacement coils 0.60 ohm


    Smok Nord Replacement Coils

    Smok Nord Replacement Coils Enjoy an all-rounded vape experience with the diverse choices of replacement coils for your SMOK Nord Device. The SMOK Nord Replacement coils come in many different options featuring the 1.4 ohm regular coil, 0.6 ohm mesh...

  • .13 ohm snowwolf wf-m mesh replacement coils for wolf sub ohm tank 5 pack


    SnowWolf WF-M Mesh Replacement Coils

    With an advanced, high-end vape device like the SnowWolf MFENG Kit, regular coil changes are imperative to maintain the device's function. The SnowWold WF-M Mesh Replacement coils are specifically designed for the Wolf Tank and SnowWolf MFENG kit. Made...

  • Smok X6 v12 prince replacement coils 3 pack


    Smok TFV 12 Prince Replacement Coils

    Smok TFV 12 Prince Replacement Coils SMOK continues to provide leading innovation in vape technology with the SMOK TFV12 Prince Replacement coils. These high-performance coils are designed for mid-wattage configurations and are offered in a variety of...

  • voopoo uforce .23 ohm sub ohm coil


    Voopoo Uforce Replacement Coils

    Voopoo Uforce Replacement Coils Keep your Uforce Tank in top condition with the VooPoo Uforce Replacement Coils. Made with organic cotton wicking technology, the Uforce coils are unmatched with anti-leaking and anti-spit back technologies as well as heat...

  • Smok v8 baby mesh coils 5 pack


    Smok V8 Baby Coils

    Smok V8 Baby Coils Achieve a vaping experience that once was only possible with reconstructable atomizers, RDAs, RBA, RTAs, and RDTAs, with the Smok V8 Baby Coils. With the V8 Baby Coil series...

  • Wismec WM01 .40 ohm gnome replacement coil


    Wismec WM01 Replacement Coil 0.4 ohm

    Keep your Wismec GNOME running at maximum efficiency with the Wisec WM01 Replacement Coil. The WM01 0.4ohm Head consists of single NiCr alloy coil that is capable of supporting power of 40-70 watts, providing you with excellent vaping experience and nice...

  • SMOK RPM Pod & Coil Kit with a 4.3ml refillable vape juice capacity


    SMOK RPM Pod & Coil Kit

    SMOK RPM POD & COIL KIT SMOK RPM Pod & Coil Kit features a mouthpiece with a 4.3ml refillable vape juice capacity. This pod & coil kit is intended for use with the RPM Standard Pod and a 4.5ml capacity for the RPM Nord Pod. The large...

  • empty Liberty concentrate and oil vape cartridge for DIY concentrate vapes

    Liberty Oil Vape Cartridge

    The Liberty Oil and Concentrate Vape Cartridges are empty 1mL tanks and will work with any 510 thread compatible vape pen. The atomizer is a dual ceramic coil that offers the best flavor of any atomizer on the market.  Quick Links: Cartridge...

  • freemax fireluke SS 316 L single mesh .12 ohm coil


    FreeMax Fireluke Coils

    FreeMax Fireluke Coils Achieve the smoothest flavor in your Fireluke or Mesh Pro sub-ohm tanks with the FreeMax Fireluke Coils. Designed with a silver-knurled construction, these coils contain wood pulp cotton wicking material which is made up of 20%...

  • horizon tech falcon m1 replacement coil

    Horizon Tech

    Horizon Falcon M1 Replacement Coils

    You deserve nothing but high performance with your Falcon Tank, therefore changing the coils in your tank is essential to keep your vape running flawlessly. The 0.15 ohm Horizon Falcon M1 Mesh coil consists of 30% Wood Pulp and 70% Cotton blend...

  • .5 ohm kanger clapton coils 5 pack

    Kanger Clapton Coil 5 Pack

    Kanger Clapton Coil 5 Pack If you're looking to turn your Kanger Device into a Cloud Chaser, the Kanger Clapton Coil is right for you. The Clapton Coil consists of stainless wire with 100% organic Japanese Cotton wicks, free of impurities and dyes to...

  • smok baby v2 a1 replacement mash coil


    Smok Baby V2 A1 Replacement Coils

    Give yourself optimal vapor and dense clouds in your SMOK TFV8 Baby V2 Tank with the SMOK Baby V2 A1 replacement coils. The SMOK TFV8 Baby V2 Replacement Coil Pack elevates quality with the maximum mesh coil and utilizes the standard coil layout of the...

  • freemax mesh pro sub ohm 5ml vape tank


    FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank

    FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank Get your hands on the world’s first Double and Triple Mesh Coil Sub-Ohm Tank, the FreeMax M Pro Sub-Ohm Tank. The Freemax M Pro adopts the freshly constructed slide to fill the top -fill system that is a straightforward...

  • smok vape pen 22 ss NiCr coils .3 ohm 5 pack


    Smok Vape Pen 22 Core Coils

    Smok Vape Pen 22 Core Coils Designed for the Vape Pen 22, The Smok Vape Pen 22 Core Replacement Coils are practical, cost-effective and produce a massive vapor cloud. Each atomizer head is equipped with a vertically ordered NiCr...

  • Airis 8 replacement coil Single


    Airis 8 Replacement Coil

    Airis 8 Replacement Coil The Airis 8 replacement coil is made for the Airis 8 dab pen. The coil is made for the 'Dip' feature on the Airis 8. This 'Dip' coil is great for discreet on the go use, just dip the coil in your favorite concentrate, fire up...

  • eleaf ecl coil .18 ohm with large wicking holes

    Eleaf ECL Coil .18ohm

      Compatible with a variety of Eleaf tanks, the Eleaf ECL Coil provides great vapor production and taste. The ECL coil is constructed with organic cotton and dual SS316 coils, allowing these coils to work at higher wattages and with various modes...

  • Lost Vape Orion PLUS 0.25ohm Replacement Coils

    Lost Vape

    Lost Vape Orion Plus Mesh Coil 0.25ohm

    Orion PLUS 0.25ohm Replacement Coils The Lost Vape Orion PLUS Coils presents the new replaceable coil mechanism that features the new 0.25ohm Mesh Coil and 0.5ohm Regular Coil to properly catering the ORION PLUS DNA System. These replacement mesh coils...

  • Sigelei FOG and HUMVEE Replacement Coils in various resistance options


    Sigelei FOG Replacement Coils 5-Pack

    Sigelei FOG Replacement Coils 5 Pack Compatible with the Sigelei FOG Pod Tank and the Siegelie HUMVEE, these coils are available in various resistance options for the perfect vape experience. Each coil has a mesh heating element in 0.3ohm, 0.2ohm, and 0...

  • smok v12 t6 replacement coils 3 pack


    Smok V12 T-6 Replacement Coils

    Experience the best cutting-edge atomizer technology by SMOK with the massive SMOK TFV12 T-6 Replacement Coils. The stainless steel constructed coil features dual-parallel Kanthal coils encased in three large wicking ports with integrated organic...

  • Horizon Tech Falcon F2 3-pack replacement coils

    Horizon Tech

    Falcon F2 Replacement Coils

    Horizon Tech Falcon F2 Replacement Coils Your vaping sesh just got a whole lot better! Keep your vape mods fresh and clean with the Horizon Tech Falcom F2 Replacement Coils. This 3-pack of replacement coils works seamlessly with your Horizon Falcon...

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