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Cloud 9 Smoke Co was founded by smokers, for smokers on the principle of providing the best selection of rolling supplies and everything you’ll need for the best smoking experience of all time! Our vast selection of rolling supplies are high quality, tobacco free, and designed to burn evenly for long periods of time. We offer name brands such as Cyclone, RAW, Jay’s, OCB, King Palm, and Elements! Not only does our rolling supplies collection feature the best rolling papers and wraps, but it also offers a huge selection of rolling accessories including rolling machines, hemp wick, rolling trays, and top-of-the-line grinders. For those who love rolling their dry herb, Cloud 9 Smoke Co has the finest selection of rolling supplies at affordable prices with FREE SHIPPING! 

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Rolling Necessities

Just like the bare necessities, all the best things in life just seem to roll on in at the perfect time! That’s why rolling papers and wraps are a classic, honored way to consume dry herb. Plus, the art of rolling the perfect joint is a skill that most are envious of! If you’re a perfect roller, you’re a rockstar. No doubt! The ability to roll the best joint, cone, or blunt puts you in the driver’s seat of your smoking experiences. From papers, to wraps, to tips, you get to put your own touch on each joint you make!

Rolling Papers Are Made Of

Rice: Rice rolling papers are a popular choice in the smoking community because of their slow, smooth burn. If you’re all about a quality, intimate sesh, this material of rolling paper is right for you! 
Check out our top-choice rice rolling papers, Elements
Cellulose: Cellulose rolling papers are made from plant cells and are transparent in color. Say hello to the perfect paper to admire your dry herb! Made from natural materials, cellulose rolling papers are sick to smoke from and have a smooth burn
RAW Connoisseur Rolling Papers have a whopping 32 cellulose rolling papers per pack and are vegan-friendly! 
Hemp: Keeping things in the same family! Hemp rolling papers are thicker than other materials of rolling papers and have the ability to be flavored or terpene infused. Hemp papers are popular for their slow and even burn, great taste, and environmentally-friendly components.
Juicy Hemp Wraps Terpene Infused are tobacco free hemp wraps available in 3 scrumptious flavors! 
 Flax: Flax rolling papers are popular in the smoking community for their flavorless taste, so you can enjoy the taste of your dry herb to its fullest potential! Their minimal ash deposit and vegan-friendly design makes flax rolling papers a great choice for rolling.
OCB Virgin Pre-Rolled Cones King Size comes in packs of 3 pre-rolls that can hold up to 1.2 grams of your favorite dry herb! 

A Guide on Rolling Papers

Rolling a joint or blunt is truly an artform! Cloud 9 Smoke Co has a complete guide on how to roll papers so you can master this artform.
Grind your dry herb for an even, fluffy texture. Save yourself from the daunting task of picking apart your herb with your fingers with our premium selection of grinders!
Grab a filter, or create one yourself, that acts as a mouthpiece for your paper. You can make a filter from thin cardboard or thick paper! 
Pre-rolled filters save you a lot of time for this step! What’s even better is that you can choose a glass filter that is 100% reusable and eco-friendly.
The Habibi Pre-Rolled Tips are made from unbleached, natural grain fiber that comes in a pack of 50 for a lifetime of rolling!
White Rhino Flat Tips are made from glass and feature a built-in screen to reduce the amount of any feedback, such as ash, from making its way into your mouth!
Pack around ½ gram of dry herb and roll gently using your thumbs from the middle of the paper towards the outer edges.
Roll and seal once the paper takes on a cone-shape. Then, place your filter inside the joint once you’ve sealed the joint! 

Popular Rolling Paper Brands


Which is Better - Flavored Rolling Papers or Clear Rolling Papers?

If you’re looking to enhance the flavor of your dry herb, flavored rolling papers are your go-to! From various flavors such as grape, banana, or mango to terpene infused rolling papers, flavored rolling papers will definitely satisfy your taste buds. However, clear rolling papers are derived from cellulose and do a fantastic job of keeping the flavor of your dry herb alive and well! If simplicity is what you’re seeking, clear rolling papers will definitely be your top choice! 

Why should I smoke from flavored rolling papers?

Delicious taste
Terpene-infused papers will enhance your dry herb’s flavor 
Typically made from natural hemp

Why should I smoke from clear rolling papers?

Even and slow burn
Easiest to roll
Preserves the flavor of your dry herb

Best Rolling Paper Sizes

Width - The common sizes of rolling papers are single wide, 1 ¼ wide, 1 ½ wide, and king sized. The larger the paper, the larger the joint. Big rolling papers are great for group smoke seshes! If you’re a single toker, stick to smaller sizes such as single wide rolling papers.
Thick or Thin? - Thick rolling papers are perfect for beginner rollers! Thick rolling papers usually burn faster than thinner papers, which is why rolling veterans stick to thin rolling papers.

Rolling Accessories

Rolling Trays - Rolling trays help to keep your dry herb in one place and are the perfect surface to roll a joint or cone! They come in a variety of sizes, designs, and colors so you can choose the perfect rolling tray to your aesthetic preferences. 
Ashtrays - Having an ashtray helps to keep all debris and fallen ash contained when smoking from papers. Say goodbye to ashing out a joint on your balcony floor! 
Scales - Scales are the perfect tool to help you measure out how much dry herb you plan to use for your wrap or joint!
Lighters - An essential tool for smoking! Lighters are key to keep by your side, and Cloud 9 Smoke Co has the best selection of lighters for you to choose from.
Grinders - Saving the best for last. Grinders are great to get the most out of your herb for rolling. Grinders allow for our dry herb to be conveniently broken down into a fluffy texture!

Buy the Best Rolling Papers Online at Cloud 9 Smoke Co!

With this handy guide to keep your paper game in top-tier shape, Cloud 9 Smoke Co has the best rolling supplies to get you rolling into some great smoke seshes with the best memories! Whether you’re down for a joint, a pre-roll, or a blunt, we’ve got you covered. With affordable prices and high end products, it’s a no-brainer that Cloud 9 Smoke Co is bound to become your favorite one-stop smoke shop
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