Rolling Trays

Set up your sesh with the Cloud 9 Smoke Co. selection of rolling trays. The perfect surface for rolling at home or on-the-go, rolling trays are an essential accessory for any smoke enthusiast who does not want to waste any of their precious flower. Dry herb rolling trays are flat, sunken in with raised edges that help keep materials all in one place. Anyone who has rolled ground up flower knows that is can be a messy process without a rolling tray. We have a collection of rolling trays that comes in a variety of sizes and materials. Browse our collection below and pick one that best fits your style. 


  • V Syndicate Glass Rolling Tray 1

    V Syndicate

    V Syndicate Glass Rolling Tray

    Grind, Pack, n' Roll On with the V Syndicate Glass Rolling Tray Taking your traditional rolling tray to the next level is the V Syndicate Glass Rolling Tray! Crafted from tempered glass, the durable architecture and smooth facing of this rolling tray...

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    V Syndicate Metal Tray 1

    V Syndicate

    V Syndicate Metal Rolling Tray

    Roll in High Fashion with the V Syndicate Metal Tray Taking all traditional rolling trays and blowing them out of the water is the V Syndicate Metal Tray! With its durable architecture and smooth facing, you can easily grind, roll, and pack on this tray...

    $12.99 - $14.99
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  • Cloud 9 Metal Rolling Tray for Dry Herbs Blue Frame with Cloud 9 Logo in the Center

    Cloud 9

    Cloud 9 Metal Rolling Tray

    Let the Good Times Roll with the Cloud 9 Rolling Tray Rolling up your favorite ground dry herbs can be messy. But with the Cloud 9 Metal Rolling Tray, you have the perfect surface for rolling up a J at home or on the go and without the worry of wasting...

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  • Raw mini dry herb rolling tray for sale online


    Raw Rolling Trays

    Raw Rolling Trays Need a rolling tray? Check out the Raw Classic Rolling Tray. RAW reinvented the rolling tray with the RAW Classic Rolling Tray. The most popular rolling trays of the 1960’s and 70’s were thick metal with a smooth coating on...

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  • str8 case melamine small lighter holder rolling tray

    Str8 Case

    Str8 Case Melamine Rolling Tray

    Str8 Case Melamine Rolling Tray Wanna organize your smoking game? Then this melamine rolling tray was made for you. Melamine is an organic compound making it an alternative to porcelain and ceramic. It is also very easy to clean and has antibacterial...

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