Cloud 9 Smoke Co. offers a variety of Sherlock style hand pipes. Coining the name from the Famous Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Pipes are a classic style hand pipe that's been used for years.   These hand pipes feature a large bowl and a curved mouth piece that keeps your face away from the heat source. Instead of being a straight-shot to the mouthpiece, the arched structure of the hand pipe enables the smoke to cool a little longer before inhalation. Additionally, these hand pipes feature a carb hole that provides airflow control for a customized smoking experience.    

  • Chubbz Heady Hammer 1

    Chubbz Glass

    Chubbz Heady Hammer Hand Pipe

    Scary Monsters and Phat Spikes! Introducing the Chubz Heady Hammer Handcrafted by the talented Chris Barker is the Chubz Heady Hammer! With his inspiration and infatuation of all things "monster," it's no surprise that the Heady Hammer takes on its spiky...

  • MAV Glass sherlock dry herb hand pipe side view blue

    MAV Glass

    MAV Glass Sherlock 5" Hand Pipe

    MAV Glass Sherlock Large Hand Pipe MAV Glass is an American GLass company that has been around since the year 2000. Buy with confidence knowing that you are purchasing a high quality piece of american glass. The Sherlock hand pipe is roughly five inches...

  • MAV Glass Sherlock Mini glass dry herb hand pipe side view black

    MAV Glass

    MAV Glass Pocket Sherlock Hand Pipe

    MAV Glass Sherlock Mini Hand Pipe The Sherlock mini comes in the popular sherlock pipe glass design and comes in solid colors. With a Mav logo on the top stem of the pipe everyone will know you're smoking out of a quality piece. The pipe is made of...

  • andy g sherlock reticello and uv colored pipe

    Andy G

    Andy G Sherlock - Reticello/UV

    Andy G Sherlock - Reticello/UV Andy G sherlocks are out of this world! This beautiful sherlock is designed with reticello throughout the entire sherlock. The side of the sherlock features a matching reticello cab reinforced to the pipe. If that wasn't...

  • 2 Dog Star Blue and White Wig Wag Design Sherlock Smoking Pipe Premium Heady Glass

    2 Dog Star

    2 Dog Star Sherlock - White/Light Blue

    2 Dog Star White/Light Blue Wig Wag Sherlock Style Smoking Pipe 2 Dog Star has been hand-blowing amazing heady glass art for over 20 years! This Sherlock style smoking pipe features an eye-catching color combination that includes a white background and...

  • cap glass tricked out sherlock with dual opal encasement

    Cap Glass

    Cap Glass Tricked Out Sherlock - Dual Opal Encasement

    Cap Glass Tricked Out Sherlock - Dual Opal Encasement Get a truly uniqe and affordable piece with the Cap Glass Tricked Out Sherlock Pipe. Cap Glass is a local underground artist known for his rare and complex designed glass art pieces. This unique...

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