Smok X-Force Replacement Coils 1.2 ohm

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Smok X-Force Replacement Coils 1.2 ohm

If you're lucky enough to own a SMOK X-Force Device, it is a necessity to have replacement coils. The Smok X-Force Replacement Coils are transverse coils providing a unique vape experience. The vertical airflow system changes the pervasive design that air intake and coil layouts are in the same direction, ultimately eliminating frying oils and leakage.

In the meantime, the airflow orientation has altered from row form to serpentine form.

This can significantly boost the airflow duration so that the vapors can be completely obtained increasing cloud production and flavor. The foundation of the coil utilizes isolated ceramic, which increases the internal temperature of the coil quicker. The gold-plated brass electrode strength in the coil can be compared to silver, which is much lesser than aluminum alloy and iron alloy strength, and is capable of transferring battery energy to heating wires without losses. With faster response, the X-Force Coil is more power saving and more durable compared to other coils. The diversified vaping experience that is provided with the X-Force coil is unlike any other!


  • Different from the core replacement method of other tanks, you just need to pull out the core directly from the silica gel, insert the new one, and press it down tightly.
  • Do not inhale immediately after filling the tank with your salt nic juice, and let the whole kit stand for 2-3 minutes to get its organic cotton completely saturated.


Smok X-Force Device 

Smok X-Force Coil Features

  • Type: Transverse Ceramic Coil
  • Resistance: 1.2 ohm
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Silky Taste and Durable
  • Designed for Salt-Nic e-juice

Smok X-Force Coil Included

  • (4) Smok X-Force 1.4 ohm Coils


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Smok X-Force Replacement Coils 1.2 ohm


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