Cloud 9 Smoke Co. is your trusted source for the best and affordable spoon hand pipes. The most utilitarian of hand pipes is named for its spoon-like shape and design. The distinctive shape is also a popular hand pipe for all types of smokers. Spoon hand pipes are easy to pack and smoke and they also come in a variety of color options that can show off your personality. Cloud 9 Smoke Co. is proud to offer a wide range of spoon hand pipes ranging from glass to silicone to stainless steel. Our in-house experts are available to help you decide which spoon hand pipe works best for your smoking style. 



  • Crush Glass Mad Scientist Hand Pipe 1

    Crush Glass

    Crush Glass Mad Scientist Hand Pipe

    "Boom! Big reveal! I turned myself into a hand pipe!" Introducing Crush Glass Mad Scientist Hand Pipe Taking on the appearance of our favorite grandfather/mad scientist cartoon is the Crush Glass Mad Scientist Hand Pipe! This novelty hand pipe features...

  • Blowfish Glass Hand Pipe 1


    Blowfish Glass Hand Pipe

    The Best Smoking Experiences Come with the Blowfish Glass Hand Pipe Though the Blowfish Glass Hand Pipe may seem like a tiny contender to have in your glass collection, don't let looks deceive you! This compact water pipe is full of accents and...

  • Strange Design Hand Pipe

    Strange Design

    Strange Design Glass Hand Pipe

    A Hand Pipe from Left Field! Introducing the Strange Design Hand Pipe Created to elevate your smoking experience to new heights, the Strange Design Hand Pipe is here to make its presence known! The Strange Design Hand Pipe is a compact spoon hand pipe...

  • Str8 Glass Hand Pipe 1

    Str8 Glass

    Str8 Glass Hand Pipe

    A Toker's Light Bulb Moment! Introducing the Str8 Glass Hand Pipe Made with bud enthusiasts in mind, the Str8 Glass Hand Pipe is a state of the art hand pipe that is a staple for your glass collection! Crafted from borosilicate glass, this durable hand...

  • Large Animal Hand Pipe 1


    Large Animal Hand Pipe

    Smoke from Birds Eye View with the Large Animal Hand Pipe With the Large Animal Hand Pipe, you can add exciting artistic flair right to your smoking collection! This novelty hand pipe features intricate design to bring the elements of wildlife...

  • Assorted $18  Hand Pipe Group

    Glass Hand Pipe ($18 - Assorted)

    Classic Toking Experience with Modern Vibes! Introducing the Assorted $18 Hand Pipe All avid bud enthusiasts know that the best way to enjoy your favorite dry herb is to pair it with a quality glass piece. With the Assorted $18 Hand Pipe, you can relish...

  • Paradise Silicone Big Hitta 1

    Paradise Silicone

    Paradise Silicone Big Hitta

    Run with the Big Dogs! Introducing the Paradise Silicone Big Hitta   Level up your smoking experience with the Paradise Silicone Big Hitta! This massive bubbler hand pipe features a hefty bowl and mouthpiece made from premium food-grade silicone...

  • Metal Hand Pipe Red


    Metal Hand Pipe

    All About the Herb! Introducing the Metal Hand Pipe   The Metal Hand Pipe is bound to be your go-to hand pipe for traditional smoking experiences, on-the-go extravaganzas, and for those quick balcony-hosted seshes! The Metal Hand Pipe is a sherlock...

  • paradise silicone long sherly collection

    Paradise Silicone

    Paradise Silicone Long Sherly

    Solve Mysteries of Lost Bud with the Paradise Silicone Long Sherly! So maybe there is no mystery of lost bud, and you forgot about that super fun night you had after you cleared what was left of your stash. That totally doesn’t mean you can’t...

  • Honeycomb Hand Pipe 1

    Honeycomb Hand Pipe

    Swirls, Curls, and ‘Combs! Introducing the Honeycomb Hand Pipe Taking traditional spoon hand pipes to a whole new level, the Honeycomb Hand Pipe brings stylish flair and premium function to the game! Crafted from durable borosilicate glass, the...

  • Blowfish Glass Hand Pipe 1

    Blowfish Glass

    BlowFish Hand Pipe

    Sweeter than Forbidden Fruit! Introducing the Blowfish Hand Pipe! Toking has never been sweeter since the Blowfish Hand Pipe has made its way into our glass collection. This spoon style hand pipe is great for traditional seshes, and its compact body is...

  • MOB Glass Glycerin-Filled Freeze Hand Pipe

    MOB Glass

    MOB Glass Freeze Hand Pipe

    Smooth & Cool Sesh with MOB Glass Freeze Hand Pipe Enjoy next-level cooling in the palm of your hand with our ingenious MOB Glass Freeze Hand Pipe. These stylish glass pipes feature freezable, glittery glycerine-filled liquid that instantly cools...

  • MAV Glass Professional Dry Herb Hand Pipe side view slime

    MAV Glass

    MAV Glass Professional Hand Pipe

    MAV Glass Professional Hand Pipe Measuring only 4 inches long with a 2 inch diameter this piece, it fits anywhere comfortably, making it an ideal piece to take with you on your adventures. It features a 7-hole glass filter screen and it's...

  • Illadelph Hammer Spoon Hand Pipe


    Illadelph Hammer - Green/Purple (HALL OF FAME)

    Illadelph Hammer - Green/Purple | Hall of Fame* You'll never need another hand pipe again with the Illadelph Hammer. The multi hole bowl helps to prevent clogs and has phenomenal air flow to its large volume chamber. This bowl acts as a built-in glass...

  • silicone hand pipe spoon for sale online

    Paradise Silicone Honeycomb Spoon

    Paradise Silicone Honeycomb Spoon We all know how frustrating it can be when a glass piece shatters, so why not invest in a piece that won't break? The Paradise Silicone Honeycomb Spoons are virtually unbreakable with the silicone structure. This Hand...

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