Steamroller hand pipes are designed for more experienced smokers who enjoy heavy-hitting rips. Similar in design to the Chillum (with both ends open) steamrollers offer you a straight shot from the bowl to the mouthpiece with the open end serving as your carb. This style of hand pipe has a bowl located on the top and is recommended for more advanced smokers. When lighting your dry herb, the smoke swirls and rushes toward the mouthpiece for a big and meaty hit. Mastering a steamroller is fairly straightforward -- once you get used handling the steamroller hand pipe and its heavier hits, you will be able to show off those amazing smoke clouds to all your friends.


  • Incredibowl Steamroll style pipe assorted colors



    Portable Steamroller Style Pipe Right out of the box, the Incredibowl by Honeypuff is one of the most unique smoke pipes available. A great twist on a traditional steamroller, this pipe is easy to use, and offers discreet smoke sessions on the go. The...

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