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Keep your glass pipes, accessories, and dry-herb safe and secure with our storage and cases. Our heavy duty cases will protect your products from breaking and damage caused by outside conditions. Here at Cloud 9 Smoke Co. we have cases from popular brands such as Str8 Case and Turtle Case available in a variety of different size options. Shop our storage and cases below. 


Storage and Containers


Why Do I Need to Keep my Glass in a Storage Container?

Keeping all glass, including dab rigs, water pipes, and hand pipes, inside a storage container will help to protect these pieces for the long run! Most storage containers are dust proof, water proof, and temperature resistant that will keep the integrity and quality of your glass water pipe, or dab rig, well preserved and protected for long periods of time.
Keeping your glass protected in a storage case will also ensure that any accidental breaks, from your four-legged friend or clumsy roommate, are a thing of the past. These durable storage cases are extremely protective and feature pre-cut foam to keep your pieces snug and protected from the inside as well! 

Why Should I Keep My Dry Herb and Valuables in a Stash Can or Jar?

Keeping your dry herb, concentrates, and valuables secure in a stash can, stash jar, or container will preserve the quality and freshness of your products for long periods of time. Think about it! If you keep your strawberries and produce out in the open without a container, they’ll spoil faster. The same applies to your dry herb and concentrates. 
It also helps to keep these valuables out of plain sight, especially if you choose a stash can that blends in with common household items! Stash cans and stash jars make it easy to discreetly stash and store your dry herb or concentrates without detection from fellow roommates, family members, or other bystanders. In fact, most stash jars and containers contain smell-proof components to ensure that anyone within the vicinity of your stash can won’t smell the dry herb or concentrates you have hiding inside! 

How Do I Use a Stash Can or Jar?

When you first get a stash can or jar, it’s best to figure out where the seal is. Contrary to popular belief, most discreet stash cans have their opening at the bottom of the can. Always give both ends of your stash can, or jar, a twist to see which end is meant to be opened. Be very careful in doing this! If you twist too hard on an end that’s not meant for stashing and storing, you could break the seal of your stash can.
After you have your stash can opened, you can fill the contents inside with whatever dry herb, concentrates, or other valuables you wish to store inside! However, if you want to store more than one valuable item, for example dry herbs and jewelry, it’s best to keep different valuables in separate stash jars. Never mix what you’re stashing! This could influence and affect the quality of your dry herb or concentrates. Plus, mixing dry herb with jewelry or other valuables may not be the most hygienic choice for your smoking experience! 
Once you’ve finished stashing your dry herb, concentrates, or valuables inside your stash can, you can seal off the can and store it discreetly in your room, bathroom, cabinet, office - wherever you need to! It’s that easy.

The Best Storage and Cases to Buy Online

At Cloud 9 Smoke Co, we have the best storage and cases to buy online! Additionally, we also have the best stash cans and stash jars to buy online at affordable prices. Listed below are some of our best selling storage and cases, as well as stash jars and containers, for you to choose from.
TightVac Container ($5.49 - $59.99) - This vacuum sealed container is made to keep your dry herb fresh while providing a window for you to see inside the container to know when it’s time to splurge on more dry herb! This container has a 2-way valve technology that allows gas to build up to slowly escape inside the container, without letting any oxygen in. This will preserve the quality and potency of your dry herb! Choose between 0.6L to 10L to fit your stashing needs.
Str8 Case - Medium 10” ($49.99) - This protective case is meant to keep your glass water pipe or dab rig well secured. This Str8 Case is made from ultra high-impact polypropylene that is able to withstand most outdoor conditions with its dust proof, water proof, and temperature resistant features! Inside, this case features pre-cut foam for you to keep all glass valuables well secured and in place. To make this case all the safer, you can lock and stack this case to store and stash glass with ease. 
Paradise Silicone Tire Storage Container ($5.99) - This silicone storage container is perfect for keeping your concentrates well secured before, during, and after use. Made from food-grade silicone, this storage container is shatter resistant, heat resistant, and dishwasher safe for easy care and maintenance. With its pop-off top and sleek interior, retrieving concentrates will never be easier! 
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