Toro 30mm Grail 10mm (HALL OF FAME)

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Believe us when we tell you that this Toro Grail is the holy grail of all grails. With this all quartz banger you will not lose out on efficiency or flavor. Pair the right bubble cap with this grail and you'll have one holy matrimony, Toro Glass's attention to detail made sure of that. If you never want to shop for another banger you've found the right product.

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Toro 30mm Grail 10mm Features:

  • 100% American Made quartz glass
  • Angle: 90 Degree
  • Slide joint: 10mm male 
  • Bucket size: 30mm Standard
  • Quartz color: Clear
  • Logo: Sandblasted grail logo
  • Requires use of a butane torch
  • Handmade in New York

toro glass for sale online with banger size chart

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Toro 30mm Grail 10mm (HALL OF FAME)


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