Vadra Hookah Sinclair

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Vadra Hookah Sinclair


Searching for a hookah with style, presence, and simplicity? Vadra Hookah makes that quest a lick with the new Vadra Hookah Sinclair. Their Sinclair edition plays on familiar Vadra Hookah Tropes like a sturdy, durable ceramic bowl to hold your shisha, Stainless steel stem and downstem, and the always reliable heat management system. This heat management system allows hookah enthusiasts to direct or channel the heat from the coals in order to burn your shisha more effectively. This hookah is the perfect device to take on your next road trip because of the stainless steel frame and tempered glass vase, but stationary use is also a hit with this minimalist hookah. The stainless steel downstem opens into a diffuser to purify the hazy bubbles traveling through the single hose hookah and into your lungs. Simple, elegant, and accessible illustrate a portrait of this hookah, especially when your eyes meet the concise cross-hatch design on the vase of this compact hookah. 


Vadra Hookah Sinclair Features 


  • Heat management system
  • Stainless steel downstem
  • Ceramic bowl
  • Anti-kink hose spring
  • Tempered glass vase 
  • Single hose system 



Vadra Hookah About



Necessity is the mother of invention, and Vadra Hookah results from shisha enthusiasts craving a more sophisticated minimalist solution to traditional eastern design Hookahs. Vadra Hookah is an innovative mixture that encompasses traditional sensibility and a modern high-design, all at an affordable price. Each Vadra Hookah is crafted to offer you superior quality, optimal performance, and stunning streamlined design at a price that you can afford.


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Vadra Hookah Sinclair


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