Vadra Hookah Topanga

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Vadra Hookah Topanga

The regular-sized version of the Topanga XL, this hookah masterpiece delivers a radical hookah experience everytime without fail. Similarly to the Topanga XL, the Vadra Hookah Topanga is sleek and stylish, featuring a clear cubed vase in which the water resides. Though a bit shorter in stature, this version of the Topanga still delivers quite a punch and offers the same features as its XL counterpart. Such features include a hose spring for anti-kink use, plexiglass vase for increased durabilty, silicone bowl, and a hose swivel that allows users to rotate the hookah 360 degrees without twisting the hose itself. This hookah is best used for travel and other rough or compact situations. The cubed vase allows for further stabilization so you’re less likely to knock over and break your hookah! As well, the plexiglass nature of this vase allows the piece to become more versatile, as it runs far less of a risk of shattering. The aforementioned silicone bowl allows users to burn shisha a bit differently, as well as doubling as an easily-cleaned bowl attachment rare to most hookahs. Beginner and professional alike will swarm to this hookah because of its sleek design, compact nature, and simplicity of design.


Vadra Hookah Topanga Features

  • Hose spring for anti-kink use
  • Stainless Steel frame and downstem
  • 14.3 inches (H) 8.5 inches (W)
  • Cubed vase
  • Single-hose set up
  • Swivel hose 360 degree rotator
  • Silicone bowl


About Vadra Hookah Topanga

Necessity is the mother of invention, and Vadra Hookah results from shisha enthusiasts craving a more sophisticated minimalist solution to traditional eastern design Hookahs. Vadra Hookah is an innovative mixture that encompasses traditional sensibility and a modern high-design, all at an affordable price. Each Vadra Hookah is crafted to offer you superior quality, optimal performance, and stunning streamlined design at a price that you can afford.

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Vadra Hookah Topanga


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