CBD Vape Products

The simplest and easiest way of getting your daily dose of CBD is with CBD-infused vape products! Using certified and lab tested CBD vape products helps eliminate harsh smoke while providing you with essential benefits for your body. Cloud 9 Smoke Co. is the best online smoke shop that offers a wide variety of applications when it comes to CBD vape products. Vaping CBD is one of the most simple and effective ways of consuming your daily dose of CBD. We offer CBD deliciously flavored vape juice that can be used with your personal POD MOD system, CBD vape cartridges that only require a cartridge battery, and disposable vape pens that let you vape discreetly whenever the mood strikes. Browse our wide array of CBD vape offerings and get your daily dose all in one convenient vape cartridge. 


  • 200mg CBD JUUL Compatible Pods


    BluumPod CBD Pod Cartridges

    Take the hassle out of refilling CBD oil with the BluumPod CBD Pod Cartridges. These pods are JUUL compatible and contain 200mg of CBD. Each cartridge is filled with premium e-liquid infused with 200mg of pharmaceutical grade CBD extracted from organic...

  • Long Beach Hemp CBD Vape Juice

    Long Beach Hemp Co.

    Long Beach CBD Vape Juice

    Long Beach CBD Vape Juice Catch a Vibe with Long Beach Hemp Co. CBD Vape Juice. CBD oil can benefit you in many ways by aiding your anxiety, reducing pain, improving your sleep, and many more. Long Beach CBD is perfect for vape enthusiasts who are...

  • TIMBR Organics Hemp CBD Pre-filled Disposable Vape Pen

    TIMBR Organics

    TIMBR Hemp Disposable Vape Pens

    Get Started with Your Hemp Journey with TIMBR Hemp Vapor Disposable Pens The perfect balance of performance, flavor, and quality, the TIMBR Hemp Vapor Disposable Pens offers the highest-quality Full Spectrum Hemp Oil rich in cannabinoids. Each disposable...

  • Funky Farms CBD Vape Juice

    Funky Farms

    Funky Farms CBD Vape Juice

    Funky Farms CBD Vape Juice Funky Farms CBD Vape Juices are packed with premium quality cannabidiol (CBD), and have all the attributes to make for a great vaping experience. Funky Farms CBD Vape Juice comes in three delicious flavors, each with a unique...

  • Pre-Filled flavored CBD Vape Cartridges with 500mg serving of cannabidiol and terpenes

    Long Beach Hemp Co.

    Long Beach CBD Pre-Filled Cartridge

    Your Daily Dose of CBD in One Convenient Pre-Filled Vape Cartridge Get a jump start on your day with these flavorful and relaxing CBD pre-filled cartridges by Long Beach Hemp Co. These full-spectrum distillate cartridges have live resin extract that is...

  • Naked 100 600mg CBD Vape Juice


    Naked 100 CBD Vape Juice

    Since launching in 2016, Naked 100 has exploded onto the vaping scene with its delicious blends of e-liquid flavors. Now you can recieve the same great award-winning flavors in Naked 100 CBD e-liquid! Naked 100 CBD has developed and refined every CBD...

  • Free the Leaf Green Roads 400mg CBD E-Liquid Flavored

    Free the Leaf

    Green Roads CBD E-Liquid

    Top Quality CBD Extract E-Liquid from Green Roads There are so many options for buying CBD products, which can lead to confusion as to which one is best. The Green Roads CBD 400mg E-Liquid delivers the results you’ve been seeking. Green...