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Cloud 9 Smoke Co. is your one-stop shop to cover all of your vaping needs featuring a large selection of E-juice, Juul Compatible Pods, Sub-Ohm Vape Kits, Salt-nicotine Devices, Dry-herb and Concentrate Vaporizers, Vape Accessories, and many more.    Vapes are electronic devices that are used to convert a wide variety of materials into vapor giving you a cleaner smoking experience. Usually compromised of a battery, primary console or housing, cartridges, coils, atomizers and cartomizers, these vaporizers can be used for a wide variety of different materials such as e-juice, salt-nicotine, Dry-herb, and concentrates. Whether you are trying to quit smoking cigarettes, get smooth flavors, achieve massive cloud production, receive optimal nicotine delivery, or enjoy a smoother smoking experience for your dry-herb or concentrates, we carry every device to fit your needs. Additionally, we have a great selection of e-juice flavors and JUUL compatible pods that both come in various levels of nicotine as well as disposable vaporizers for when you just want a simple, ready-to-go device. We offer a wide selection of different models and styles that will allow you to find the perfect device to suit your needs.