Wulf Duo 2-in-1 Cartridge Vaporizer

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Get Right with the Wulf Duo 2-in-1 Cartridge Vaporizer

The Wulf Duo by Wulf Mods is an innovative and compact device that delivers maximum flavor from your essential oils and concentrates. You will appreciate the power and versatility of this device that includes four variable voltage settings that will allow you complete control over you vaping experience. This unit also utilizes a dual quartz heating element for precision heating of your oils.


  • Charging Cable
  • Long Magnetic Connector
  • Short Magnetic Connector
  • Glass Cartridge For Oil
  • Dual Quartz Cartridge Tank
  • Wulf Duo

The Wulf DUO's Two Cartridges

The most unique part of the Wulf DUO are it's two distinct cartridges, a glass tank for your essential oils and a dual quartz cartridge for your concentrates. This gives the DUO it's name as a dual use vaporizer.

Wulf DUO Tanks

A Look at the Wulf DUO

We know what vapers want from their device. They want portability. This is one of our most compact Wulf Mods vaporizers. It measures just 2.5” tall by 1..25” wide. You can easily drop it in your pocket or carry it in a handbag without concern. It's a great travel rig. As small as it is, though, we made sure we gave it lots of power. The internal 1000 mAh battery gives you plenty enough power to last through multiple vaping sessions on a single charge.

Key Features

The Wulf DUO Vaporizer

The Wulf Duo by Wulf Mods also gives you four different voltage settings. You can choose from 3.4V, 3.6V, 3.8V, or 4.0V with simple one-button operation. We assigned different LED lights to the rig so that you'll know which voltage setting you are using. The rig consists of a mouthpiece and cartomizer which are recessed into the housing. This gives you added protection against accidental drops. There is even a magnetic adapter which will facilitate easy removal and insertion of the cartomizer.

Variable Voltage

Wulf DUO Hand

Wulf DUO Instructions

Wulf DUO Diagram

Loading Essential Oils

Adjusting Voltage

Charging the DUO
1 Review
  • wulf duo

    Posted by jacob smith on Sep 07, 2020

    best cartridge battery cloud 9 carry's since 2018, with a 10 year limited warranty through wulf, battery can last you through 4-6 days, with a magnet drop down to save your battery from a leaking cartridge. it will most likely be the last cartridge battery you ever buy.

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Wulf Duo 2-in-1 Cartridge Vaporizer


Wulf Duo 2-in-1 Cartridge Vaporizer


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