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Cloud 9 Smoke Co. is a brick & mortar AND online head shop dedicated to delivering top shelf glass water pipes (not bongs)dab rigs and hand pipes of all shapes and sizes for every heady connoisseur. Not to mention our immense collections of vapes (in store only), vaporizers (in store only), and all smoker accessories (bowls - slides, ash catchers, bangers, carb caps, etc.) you need. From CBD gummies and herb grinders to travel pouches and butane torch lighters, weve got what you need to get every toke right every time! 

Known as the largest chain of smoke head shops in the state of Georgia, Cloud 9 is here to offer the highest quality glass (WATER PIPES, not bongsand smoking accessories across all of the United States. Available all hours of the day no matter where you are, Cloud 9 Smoke Shops have served thousands of satisfied customers across the globe! 
Trust us and see why Cloud 9 was voted BEST SMOKE HEAD SHOP * two years in a row. (2020 & 2021) 


Cloud 9 Smoke Shop and Vape EXPERTS seen on CBS 46 news.

Puffco In Stock at Cloud 9

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