Ash Catchers

An Ash Catcher is a glass attachment for your water pipe that is specifically designed to capture dirt, resin, and ash before it enters your water pipe. This allows you to keep your piece cleaner for longer periods of time while minimizing the cleaning process.  Some ash catchers also feature additional diffusers providing you with added percolation in your piece. Shop Cloud 9 Smoke Co.’s ash catcher collection below! 


What is an Ash Catcher?

An ash catcher is an attachment for your water pipe that will trap fallen ash, dirt, resin, and other particles before they enter your water pipe. Ash catchers allow for your water pipe to remain cleaner for longer periods of time, while keeping your cleaning days simple and breezy. There are many types of ash catchers to choose from, which gives you all the flexibility and glory in choosing the perfect ash catcher for your smoking experience!

What Styles of Ash Catchers Can I Choose From?

At Cloud 9 Smoke Co, we have the best ash catchers for you to buy online! From reclaim ash catchers all the way to the OG dry ash catcher, Cloud 9 Smoke Co has got you covered.
Dry Ash Catchers - Dry ash catchers work to trap your ash, resin, tar, etc. and that’s it! These ash catchers typically don’t come with any whistles and bells, such as percolators, which is perfect if you’re looking for a starter ash catcher to incorporate into your smoking experience. Dry ash catchers are also great if you own a water pipe that has more than one percolator, meaning that you won’t have to worry about additional resistance and drag when using a dry ash catcher.
Percolator Ash Catchers - Percolator ash catchers work to trap your ash, resin, tar, and other byproducts while also percolating your smoke before it enters your water pipe. Talk about holy filtration! These ash catchers are perfect if your water pipe is lacking in a percolator or two, or if you want a smoke sesh that is seamless and effortless in the process.
Reclaim Ash Catchers - Reclaim ash catchers work to catch ash through a small funneled tube into a removable bucket at the bottom of the ash catcher. The reason why many smokers enjoy reclaim ash catchers is because the cleaning process for them is incredibly easy. If you use a reclaim ash catcher for concentrates, and dry herbs too, you can retrieve any unused product for future use!

Why Do I Need to Use an Ash Catcher?

Ash catchers are a great asset to your smoking experience! Without an ash catcher, resin, tar, ash and other byproducts can make their way into your water pipe. By doing so, each byproduct can influence the way your water pipe functions, how smooth your smoke is, and how your smoke tastes! 
Throwing an ash catcher into your smoking experience will ensure that your water pipe will remain clean for longer periods of time while ensuring particles of ash won’t get caught inside your percolator. That way, you can have the best smoking experience of all time!

How Do I Use an Ash Catcher?

When using an ash catcher, you won’t have to worry about meddling around with the mechanics of the ash catcher or making any extra effort to ensure that the ash catcher does its job! In fact, all you have to do is insert your ash catcher into the joint of your water pipe and insert your slide into the ash catcher. After that, you’re set for smooth seshes! 

How Do I Choose the Right Ash Catcher?

Just like choosing the right slide, you have to follow the joint size, gender, and angle of your water pipe to make sure your ash catcher fits your water pipe perfectly! 
The standard joint sizes of ash catchers are 14mm and 18mm. To understand which size you need for your water pipe, take your middle and ring fingers and insert them into the joint of your water pipe. If your ring finger fits, the joint size of your water pipe is 14mm, so you’ll need a 14mm ash catcher! However, if your middle finger fits inside the joint of your water pipe, your water pipe’s joint size is 18mm. You'll need an 18mm ash catcher as well!
When it comes to the gender of your water pipe’s joint, it’s all about how the joint appears on your water pipe! If the joint of your water pipe extends into a tapered, narrow end, then the joint of your water pipe is male. This means that you’ll need a female jointed ash catcher to fit your water pipe! However, if your water pipe’s joint is wider and circular in shape, your water pipe has a female joint. You’ll need a male ash catcher to fit inside your water pipe.
Knowing what angle your water pipe’s joint rests at is important in choosing the right ash catcher! The two common joint angles are 45-degrees and 90-degrees. You want to make sure that your ash catcher matches the degrees of your water pipe's joint angle for the best fit!

The Best Ash Catchers to Buy Online

At Cloud 9 Smoke Co, we have a premium, vast selection of the best ash catchers to buy online. To help you decide which ash catcher you’d like to use with your water pipe, we’ve selected some of our favorites! 
MOB Glass Mini Showerhead Ash Catcher ($24.99) - This 14mm male mini ash catcher features ground joints for snug fitting into your water pipe! This percolator ash catcher features a mini showerhead percolator to begin the diffusion process before your smoke enters your water pipe. Say hello to smooth, effortless, ashless hits!
MOB Glass Dry Ash Catcher ($24.99) - Having a dry ash catcher in your smoking setup is perfect if you’re new to ash catchers or if your water pipe is loaded with plenty of percolation! This dry ash catcher is made from borosilicate glass and features ground joints for snug fitting. With its deep reservoir, you’ll be able to trap all ash with ease! 
MOB Glass Reclaim Ash Catcher ($29.99) - Save any unused dry herb or concentrate with this reclaim ash catcher! With its smooth, narrow funnel tubing, you’ll be able to retrieve any unused, and used, dry herb or concentrates to be used in the future, or for easy cleaning. 
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