Every smoke enthusiast needs a place for dispensing ash. Cloud 9 Smoke Co. offers a great selection of ashtrays that comes in all shapes, sizes, and materials. You can find the perfect ashtray the suits your taste and style. Whether you like an ashtray centerpiece for a coffee table, utilitarian ashtray, or a colorful ashtray, we have something that fits the vibe of your decor. We even offer ashtrays that serve as de-bowlers. Keep your space clean and your smoke odors at bay and get yourself and ashtray today! Free Shipping on all orders only at Cloud 9 Smoke Co. -- the best online smoke shop!


  • Paradise Silicone Collapsible Ashtray Flexible Silicone Design 4

    Paradise Silicone

    Paradise Silicone Collapsible Ashtray

    Rise from the Ashes! Introducing the Paradise Silicone Collapsible Ashtray With every smoke sesh, an ashtray is an essential. We’re no stranger to glass ashtrays and how amazing they look, but we’ve also felt the heartbreak and struggle of...

  • silicone ashtray for sale

    Silicone Ashtray

    Looking for a durable, efficient, and affordable ashtray for your chill space? Look no further! The silicone ashtray is a must have for any smoker! This product is dishwasher safe, made of non-stick material, and unbreakable. You no longer have to worry...

  • rasta bob marley 420 silicone ashtray deals at cloud 9 smoke co

    Paradise Silicone

    Paradise Silicone Ashtray

    My favorite thing about silicone ashtrays is that I can bang me glass bowl or slide right on the middle raised section for effortless debowling. Paradise Silicone is made from BPA-free, Food Grade Silicone they are easy to clean, affordable and nearly...

  • discount pink ashtray debowler


    Debowler Ashtray

    Debowler Ashtray Never worry about a clogged up bowl again with this 2-in-1 ashtray, built-in poker combo. Take the mess out of your session and clear out your pipe with the built-in spike to ensure that your bowl is ready for the next use. For ashing...

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