Dab Tools

Dab Tools are long, pointy, and heatproof tools used to pick up small pieces of concentrates and “dab” them onto a hot banger or nail. Here at Cloud 9 Smoke Co. we offer a variety of dab tools that come in different designs and shapes that will work with any form of concentrates. Shop our selection of metal and glass dab tools below. 

  • PSci Terp Pearls 1


    PSci Terp Pearls

    Spin Right Into Motion with the PSci Terp Pearls If you're looking to improve your dabbing experience, you've come to the right place! The PSci Terp Pearls are here to make your dabs more flavorful, effective, and of the best quality. The PSci Terp...

  • Paradise Silicone Mouthpiece for water pipes and bongs

    Paradise Silicone

    Paradise Silicone Mouthpiece

    Got Cooties? Look No Further! Introducing the Paradise Silicone Mouthpiece We all know what it's like to be in the middle of a sesh and it’s your turn to take the hit. But the person next to you has had a cold for ages, and you’re not about...

  • The Terpometer Digital Concentrate Thermometer

    The Terpometer Digital Concentrate Thermometer

    To The Terp Degree -- The Terpometer Digital Concentrate Thermometer Get the best flavor from your favorite concentrate with the Terpometer. This digital thermometer is the perfect concentrate application tool that lets you put an end to the guessing...

  • errly bird 3-in-1 shot clock perfect timer for timing dabs

    Errly Bird 3-in-1 Timer

    Errly Bird 3-in-1 Timer Tired of using your cell phone timer to accurately measure the cool-down times of your quartz nails? Now you don't have to! Introducing the 3-in-1 Carb Cap Timer. This timer features a 30 second, 45 second, and 60 second sand...

  • wulf tech flat head dab tool

    Wulf Vape

    Wulf Tech Dab Tools

    Wulf Tech Dab Tools Wulf Tech's dab tools are created to be used frequently and remain in great condition. These concentrate tools are stainless steel and are 5.5 inches long. The convenient dual tips on each tool makes it usable for any texture of...

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