Glass Adapters

Finding compatible glass accessories for your water pipe can be daunting when you aren’t able to find the right size. Glass adapters are designed to enable compatibility between different sizes of water pipe accessories. Here at Cloud 9 Smoke Co. we offer many different variations of adapters allowing you to find that perfect fit. Shop Glass Adapters Below!


  • MOB Glass Adapter

    MOB Glass

    MOB Glass Adapter

    MOB Glass Adapter Ever had the perfect slide that was just too small for your beloved joint piece? Check out these high quality water pipe adapters by MOB Glass! Whether you're searching to adapt a slide to a 14mm or 18mm joint piece, MOB has got you...


What is a Glass Adapter?

Let’s say you have the perfect glass water pipe to pair with a slide that you’ve found online. However, the slide doesn’t match the joint size of your water pipe, but you really want to get the slide. To help with this, you can buy a glass adapter to convert the joint size of your water pipe to fit any slide, ash catcher, or other attachment that you’re looking to fit with your water pipe! 

What Styles of Glass Adapters Are Available?

To help with any rainy day situation, Cloud 9 Smoke Co has the best glass adapters available to buy online that will complement almost any size or style variation! 
Here’s a brief list of glass adapter styles that you can find at Cloud 9 Smoke Co
  • 10mm Female to 14mm Male
  • 14mm Female to 18mm Male
  • 18mm Male to 14mm Female
  • 14mm Male to 14mm Female
  • 10mm Female to 14mm Female
  • 14mm Male to 10mm Female
  • 14mm Female to 18mm Female
  • 14mm Female to 14mm Male

The Best Glass Adapters to Buy Online

At Cloud 9 Smoke Co, we know all too well what it’s like to have a slide or attachment that doesn’t fit our water pipe or dab rig all too well. That’s why we’ve curated the best glass adapters to buy online! 
MOB Glass Adapter ($6.99) - If you’re looking for an adapter that’s able to convert your 10mm joint to a 14mm joint or an 18mm to a  14mm joint, at an affordable price, MOB has got you covered! This glass adapter is made from borosilicate glass and works well to snugly fit inside your water pipe as well as keeping your slide or attachment snugly fit.
PSci Glass Adapter ($11.99) - If you’re seeking more versatility in working with your glass adapter, PSci has got the load down with 8 adapter sizes and styles for you to choose from. These borosilicate glass adapters work to change the size of your joint while protecting your joint from any heat damage! 
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