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 Get the best selection of quality water pipes that fit every smoking connoisseurs needs here at Cloud 9 Smoke Co. We carry a variety of styles and materials from glass and silicone straight-tubes, beakers, and novelty design water pipes.   Water Pipes have been used for thousands of years as a favorite go-to way to enjoy dry-herbs and concentrates. Over the years the advancement of water pipes have grown exponentially giving you a massive selection of styles, functions, and sizes that will suit any smoker's needs. Water Pipes give you a smoother and cooler smoking experience by utilizing water in the base of the pipe to cool and filter the smoke. Additionally, our water pipes feature many different styles of percolators such as showerhead, tree, disc, inline, and many more that further diffuses and cools the smoke allowing you to achieve maximum filtration and smoother hits. With an endless combination of styles, percolators, and designs, you are sure to find the perfect water pipe in our collection.