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Pete Rocks Bird Rig (Tall)

$600.00 USD

Pete Rocks Bird Rig

Pete Rocks is an awesome American sculptor and pipe maker, working out of Asheville, NC. His latest series of bird rigs has been stellar!

This bird has tons of great fume details in the beak, stomach, and feet. This bird has a wide 4-hole diffuser with a worked 14mm female joint nestled between the two wings. The sculpted feet are extremely wide, solid, and stable for any table surface, with impeccable detail in the toes and talons. The mouthpiece is located at the top of the beak, and the detailed eyes really set off the bird.

  • 14mm female joint.
  • About 8" in height.
  • Wide 4-hole diffuser.
  • Encalmo beak mouthpiece.
  • Stomach window.
  • Wide, stable, realistic feet for the base.
  • Lifelike eyes.